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Receive all of our top rated plays in the NBA, NHL, CBB, Horses and Boxing.  These are all at least 2 UNIT PLAYS.
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Receive all of our top rated plays in the NBA, CBB,NHL,Boxing and Horse Racing through the National Championship game on April 6. These are all at least 2 UNIT PLAYS. This special ends MARCH 1.
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This is an action packed 30 day pass as we gather information from the Top 5 Sportsbooks in Costa Rica. We will be fading the squares and moving with The Wise Guys. We will be firing on at least 7 square plays a day and 3 Wise Guy Moves daily. Due to the high volume each play will be 1 unit. YOU will only receive these plays by text, no exceptions. The Money Report comes with a guarantee: if we don't turn you a profit in the 30 days you get the next 30 FREE.Some information will be coming to you 15 minutes before game time so Text is a must. You are looking at around 300 plays a month for a $1.00 a play. The Costa Rica Money Report also includes all of our Middles!
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