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Early Bird College Bowl Special!
You will receive every College Bowl Game either the Side or the total. You will also receive all of our top rated plays in The NFL,NBA,NHL, and CBB. Tex whitson will also have some horses. This special will take you through the SuperBowl. Two Months for just $200.00 This special ends Dec 20.



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 You will receive all of the benefits of a Lifetime client for one month, one day, weekend access, or weekly access. Ernie Wells, Tex Whitson, The Wizard and yours truly have had only 1 losing week in the NFL. Tom Somach has won every week in the NHL. Tex Whitson kicked ass at the Breeders Cup. We hit 62% of our CBB last year. Hoops,Hockey,Horses, Football, MMA, and Boxing get it all. Daily access is $25.00 weekend access $45.00 and weekly is $75.00. Paypal to and we will email you the WINNERS!


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