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We are firing Side n Total Miami at VA Tech. We go 2-0 or Friday,Saturday, and Sunday is on the House..

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 The NBA Early Bird Special is for the guy or gal that doesn't want to pay commission on Lifetime. It includes all we do NBA,CBA,NFL,CFB,MLB, NHL,Horses, N Fights. Save 50%. Available till 11-1-16
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Receive all of our moves in The NFL,CFB,MLB,NBA,BOXING,MMA,Tennis and Horse Racing....
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This is the only plan you will ever need. You will receive all of our plays in the NFL,NBA,CBB,CFB,Baseball,Boxing,MMA,Soccer,Tennis, and HORSES. It is a one time FEE of $99.00. We will work with you until We show you a profit of $1000.00. Then it is 20% of what we make you. We ask that you send us a screen shot to verify your amount wagered and also to confirm your line. After we reach your goal of $1000.00, if we have you up less then $300.00 in a particular week we will just roll it over to the next week. You must be able to receive the Plays VIA Text. You must be able to wager a minimum of $100.00 on our 2 unit plays and up. This is a limited offer Special expires 11-1-16
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