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Daily Special
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Syndicated LifeTime
This Plan works just like our Lifetime. Only exception is that our Team of runners will be placing the bets for you in Delaware and New Jersey.. It is a one time Fee of $1500.00 We will work with you till we show you a profit of $10000. Then it is 15% of your net profit. You must be able to wager at least $500.00 a game and have at least $5000 in your wagering account.. Questions or concerns email/text/talk/DM.

BUY NOW $1500.00 
nba/cbb/nhl/Horse special
This special will take you through the NBA Finals. It will Include all we do CBB {March Madness}NHL/All 3 Triple Crown Horse races as well as most of the prep races. Plus Boxing and some MMA.This special ends February 18. Frequent buyers take 20% off.
BUY NOW$300.00
Lifetime membership 599.99
This is the only plan you will ever need. You will receive all of our plays in the NFL,NBA,CBB,CFB,Baseball,Boxing,MMA,Soccer,Tennis, and HORSES. It is a one time FEE of $599.00. We will work with you until We show you a profit of $3000.00. Then it is 20% of what we make you. We ask that you send us a screen shot to verify your amount wagered and also to confirm your line. After we reach your goal of $3000.00, if we have you up less then $300.00 in a particular week we will just roll it over to the next week. You must be able to receive the Plays VIA Text,Email, or DM. You must be able to wager a minimum of $100.00 on our 2 unit plays and up. This is a limited offer Special expires April 30
BUY NOW $599.99

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