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Lifetime Special
This is the only plan you will ever need. We have had some of the same clients for over 25 years! A one time Fee of $199.00. We work with you till we  show you a profit of $1000.00. Then it is a straight 20% of what we make you. There is no need for daily,weekly,monthly,seasonal purchases. You will receive all of our plays in The NFL,CFB,NBA,CBB,Hockey (Award Winning writer Tom Somach The Best Hockey Capper in The Business),Boxing,MMA,Tennis and of course Horses. ! The information will be coming to you through several sources including but not limited to The Wizard, Ernie Wells, and Tex Whitson. Every play will be rated based on our unit system. We move on average of 8 plays a week and in addition to those plays, We will also provide a NFL Fade 5 report which comes directly from a former employee of mine who I worked with in Jamaica. He now owns a very successful Sports Book in Costa Rica. The Fade 5 report will all be 1 unit plays. No less then 5 former employees of mine either Own or run Sportsbooks in Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Antigua. We don't just tell you to practice money management we give you the template.We also cleaned up in the NBA last year playing middles. Pay for performance not bs. The best plan in the industry, this offer expires  midnite 10-30-14.



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Sunday Access Special Go 4-0 or get Monday Free! As a bonus you will also receive The  Costa Rica Money Report!


 We have made Money $$ Six straight Sundays  in the NFL and you will receive our top 4 Rated Plays which must go 4-0 or Monday is free as a bonus you will receive The Costa Rica Money Report!!


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