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Unit System

My four factors of information that I utilize on a daily basis comprise my Unit System.  Money management is of paramount importance. In the movie ‘Bringing Down the House’, when the Card Counters had a high positive count they would increase the size of their wager and wagered less on negative counts. The same premise is implemented in my four factors.

The first factor  I analyze is determining the line.  Along with running the world’s largest off-shore gaming facility in the 90’s I also set the lines in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I use the same algorithms to determine the line. 95% of the opening lines fall within 1 to 3 points of the equation.  The 5% that deviate by 4 or more points are games that the oddsmaker like and are encouraging action.  As you know the oddsmaker get it right more often than not, any game an oddsmaker likes is given a value of 1 Unit.

The second factor I utilize is finding out who the Sportsbooks need.  I speak to my numerous off-shore contacts throughout the day to determine who the public is playing.  The public, AKA ‘The Squares’, get it wrong more often than right! I know a few services that solely rely on this information and are successful. Any games that the Sportsbooks need is given a value of 1 Unit.

The third factor I utilize is decimating the games that the professional players are investing on. A little under 97% of the bettors at the Sportsbook that I ran LOST.  It was the 3% who would give me the sleepless nights.  The Professional Player.  I was the creator of Gamewatch, which is the Sportsbooks version of Stockwatch.  This was created to monitor who the Professional Player were investing on.

I took action from many of the top professionals in Jamaica and now many of the world’s Top Players work with me on a daily basis.  The pros get it right more often than not.  The games the professional players are playing is valued at 1 Unit.

*As a side note: true professional players never play parlays, teasers, reverses, round robins, etc.  They play SINGLE GAMES period.

Lastly, I utilize the handicapped information of some of the Top Cappers in the business.  When I was the head handicapper for the Las Vegas Sporting News we monitored over 250 services.  The Good.  The Bad.  The Ugly.  There were 5 services that were turning out consistent winners.  They work with me on a regular basis.  These handicapped games are given a value of 1 Unit.

Everyday there will be 1 Unit Plays, most days there will be 2 Unit Plays.  There are two or three 3 Unit Plays a week.  The 4 Unit Plays are rare, 1 or 2 a month.

I have clients that want all of the Plays, and others that only want the 4 Unit Plays. We can design a specific plan to tailor your needs and wants.

Wagering on the Units. 

If your average wager is $100, wager:
$50 on 
1 Unit Plays
$100 on 2 Unit Plays
$150 on 3 Unit Plays
$200 on
4 Unit Plays

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